Parkinson's disease treatment using administration with stem cells

According to numerous researches, fetal stem cell therapy gives a marked positive effect in Parkinson's disease treatment.

At the Unique Cell Treatment Clinic we apply schemes of Parkinson's disease treatment, developed by Professor Smikodub A.I. These schemes allow almost in 100% of cases slow down the degeneration process of nervous system and improve the quality of life of the patients.

Parkinson's disease treatment with fetal stem cells

Administration of fetal stem cells gives positive results when treating all forms of Parkinson's disease and at all stages of this pathological process. At early stages of the disease, when neurological disorders (such as balance disturbances, rigidity, tremor etc.) appear uni- and bilaterally, therapy with suspensions containing fetal stem cells has positive result. In 85% of cases after our Parkinson's treatment, the patients report reduced tremor, decreased shaking while walking, their movements become less stiff. As a rule, the dose of antiparkinson medications can be significantly lowered.

At late stages of the Parkinson's disease, when it appears severe but not absolute stiffness, our Parkinson's treatment gives positive results in 65-70% of cases. This allows our patients remain at the minimum but sufficient for self-service level and achieve stable and long-term remission of the disease. Due to Parkinson's Disease Treatment, practiced in our clinic, many patients received one more chance.

The slowing down of the degeneration process of nervous system at the terminal stages of the Parkinson’s disease is possible only with fetal stem cell therapy. This new treatment course also allows achieving disease’s remission even when the patient is bed- or wheelchair-bound. This is how the patient’s life and health can be improved.In 40-50% of cases are observed decreased spasticity and tremor syndrome, improved sleep, normalization of organ functioning and functioning of such systems as heart, lungs, bowels. The scheme of Parkinson's Disease Treatment with fetal stem cells, developed by Prof. Smikodub, makes Parkinson's Treatment highly effective.

The Parkinson’s disease treatment we suggest results in the psycho-emotional improvements. After the treatment course a patient demonstrates not only positive emotions, but also improved thinking, intellect and memory. The speech of the patient becomes louder, more intelligible and expressive. 

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After the treatment course in UCTC clinic the process of degeneration becomes slower, this improves life quality of any patient. Together with Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease can be treated with stem cell administration. That’s why the prognosis of treatment with fetal stem cell therapy is very positive.

The course for Parkinson's treatment at the UCTC, as a rule, lasts within 2 days.