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Our clinic offers the advanced and patented methods of fetal stem cell treatment for various conditions and diseases. This method of treatment can be found in wikipedia: Stem cell therapy. Fetal stem cells are non-specialized cells that differentiate (turn) into any other cell type of the body that form organs and tissues. Fetal stem cells that we use for treatment have huge potential for growth, differentiation and are not rejected by the patient’s body, which allows to achieve unique long-term clinical effects.

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About our clinic

We have more than 15 years of experience in stem cell therapyand are the leaders of the industry. Most of the methodic used in the clinic are unique and patent protected in many countries including USA. Since 1994 prof. Alexander Smikodub Sr. was the main researcher, doctor and administrator of the clinic. Now his son, Alexander Smikodub Jr. M.D. continues his father’s venture. During these years more than 6500 patients from all over the world received fetal stem cell treatment, resulting in significant improvement of their conditions, and in case of timely contact with us we were managed to achieve treatment results unreachable by any other known methods.


What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the new word in the medical science, possibly the new revolution. Their importance can be compared with antibiotics discovery or the first successful heart transplantation. They are the inner restorative and regenerative reserve of your body, found in blood, fat layer and bone marrow. After injection of a big stem cells doze, impaired tissues are recovered, regeneration speed is increased and overall condition is greatly improved. We use only material from healthy patients, which passes multiple security checks. They are a perfect material for treating a wide variety of neural and physical diseases.


What diseases can be treated with stem cells?

As stem cells may repair any tissue of human body, they can treat a majority of diseases thought non-curable till recent time. Stem cells may evolve in 3 major directions, which are mesenchyme, ectodermal and endodermal, which means they can replace and cure impaired bone marrow and nerves, skin and tissues, muscles and mucus. Parkinson’s disease, ulcerative colitis, muscular atrophy and dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and heart diseases, liver diseases and cancer, anemia and arterial hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease and ALS and even AIDS/HIV are successfully treated in our clinic.


Patient experience

Patient L., born on 2007, was admitted to the clinic on March 5, 2012 with diagnosis "Smith-Magenis Syndrome"

The boy has developmental delay since the childhood. He has a lot of different physical abnormalities. The boy's parents appealed to the clinic for treatment. So this patient underwent full 2-days treatment with use of preparation based on stem cells by the method of Prof. Smikodub. Follows the recommendations of post-treatment period. Under regular control of his neurologist and parents.

As a result, now almost every day occur some changes in boy's development and behavior, he finds more things interesting, he became more independent, more emotional, he talks a lot in his own language.


Letter of mother of patient Ilusha

After the stem cell treatment, we noticed an obvious progress. Two weeks after the procedure behavior and emotional condition has improved. It was noticed in kindergarten and by speech pathologist, who has been with him for a year. Then everything has stabilized. But 2 months later, in March, Ilya began to surprise us. He suddenly began to draw and sculpt with play dough, and he always goes everywhere with a pencil or pen. He also has began to write letters.

We always notice changes in our son’s condition after each course of rehabilitation, but this time, it’s just miracles!



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Multiple Sclerosis researches treatment - Cell Therapy


Cleveland, Ohio, is now a ground of one of the most important researches held by the medics nowadays. Case Western Reserve University began a research of the stem cell therapy usage for treating multiple sclerosis. It is expected, that stem cells will be able to replace and repair the damaged brain tissue, removing the reason of sclerosis and greatly easing the disease.

Ulcerative Colitis
Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are severe autoimmune diseases in which the pursued traditional anti-inflammatory therapy is symptomatic, and this disorder often causes surgery and patient’s disability.
Anti-aging treatment
UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC has developed a comprehensive program with fetal stem cell application for effective anti-aging treatment. You can undergo the anti-aging therapy at any age and receive the most positive result