10 Earliest Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

Getting older is always related with some changes in daily behavior, perception, ability to do usual routine effectively. Along with the natural changes there could be some warning signs which you have to be able to recognize as early symptoms of Alzheimers disease.

Below are ten most common earliest signs of disease, which, when detected, should be a reason of visiting doctor as soon as possible.

1. Loss of memory which noticeably impacts daily routine

Memory loss is the first and main warning sign of Alzheimer's disease developing, especially when it comes to forgetting something which has been read or heard recently.

One of the most common signs of Alzheimer's is memory loss, especially forgetting recently learned information. Also, people with started Alzheimer's may tell the same remark again and again, as well as asking the same question over and over.

What is a normal change for aging people?

Normally older people tend to forget dates and facts but they are able to recall them later.

2. Challenges in doing usual home routine

Having an Alzheimer's makes it difficult to be good in usual daily routine, like cooking, driving, writing, remembering plans or locations. Also, early Alzheimers symptoms include sudden and progressing difficulties with managing stuff at working place. Normally, colleagues notice these changes, which should not be ignored by the person.

What is a normal change for aging people?

It’s normal, when older people need some help in using electronic devices or new technologies.

3.Difficulties in comprehending images and understanding abstract things

Vision problems may also indicate starting of Alzheimer's disease. Very often those people make mistakes in evaluating distance or size of space, they mistake colors therefore face difficulties while walking on a street of the city and especially while driving.

What is a normal change for aging people?

Often older people face medical problems with vision which is normal for their age.

4. Making mistakes with timing and recognizing places

People who have Alzheimer's disease tend to forget dates, they often confused about objective time due to changes in perception. In harder cases, people with Alzheimer's may find themselves in unknown places without having any remembering how they did get into certain place.

What is a normal change for aging people?

Forgetting dates is normal when older person is capable to recall it later.

5. Difficulties in planning and making logical decisions

Planning time and following schedule becomes really complicated. Signs are getting more warning if people find it difficult to work with documents and numbers. Alzheimer's disease influence ability to count, make calculations, making people spend way longer time for completing simple daily tasks.

What is a normal change for aging people?

Making some occasional mistakes during work with numbers.

6. Writing and speaking becomes a challenge.

Having an Alzheimer's makes it difficult to follow and support a conversation as well as to remember what they have been speaking about a couple of minutes ago. They find it hard to pick a proper word to explain things. Often they repeat themselves, forgetting they have already said something.

What is a normal change for aging people?

It’s ok when older people need more time to find proper words or to recall something, but they still remember everything being said.

7. Loosing the ability to place things correctly

People with Alzheimer's start to place things out of their usual places. People may forget where they put stuff, telling others they have not seen those things at all. Moreover they may hold certain item in hands while searching this item over the room.

What is a normal change for aging people?

It’s normal to misplace things but only when people can easily recall where they have put them.

8. Bad judgment and increased gullibility

One of the most serious Alzheimers early symptoms is worse quality of judgment. Moreover, often, the process of decision making becomes unreasonable and illogical.

At more severe stages Alzheimer's makes people find it unimportant to take normal care of themselves, like washing, etc. People with disease get more gullible, being unable to distinguish truth from obvious fraud.

What is a normal change for aging people?

Taking occasionally wrong decisions.

9. Avoiding social activities and tendency to sty alone

Alzheimer's may cause lack of interest to usual social activities and communications. People withdraw themselves from socializing, doing sports or team work. They start to feel more comfortable being alone doing nothing. This is a very warning sign which should make relatives of such person insist on doing medical check up.

What is a normal change for aging people?

It’s ok to feel sometimes tired of active socializing and doing sports.

10. Unexplainable changes in personality and sharp mood swings.

Alzheimer's almost always causes visible changes in personality. Mood swings, states of fear, paranoia, depression or unreasonable laugh – these all are symptoms of disease. Coupled with memory loss these changes at older people’s are almost a guarantee of Alzheimer's disease development.

What is a normal change for aging people?

Reasonable mood changes caused by objective external factors.