Best disease curing using stem cells

What is Best disease?

Best disease treatment in KievIt is also called Best vitelliform macular dystrophy. It is an eye disease that progresses slowly until it becomes an obvious problem. The person loses central vision with time. At this two eyes are affected as a rule though it can be different and only one eye suffers. In rare cases other lesions can be found. Best disease is classified by doctors and is divided into several stages. It is seen from microscopy that patients who suffer from  it have accumulation of lipofucsin granules in the retina.

Who is affected?

The disorder is inherited. In case one parent has it , then there is 50% chance that the gene will be transferred to child.

How to diagnose it?

 It is diagnosed after tests. The resting potential of retina is assessed with electro-oculogram. When the condition is normal it is negative.

Electroretinogram (ERG) is needed to evaluate electrical responses of the rods and cones in the retina. It is normal if you have this condition.

Optical coherence tomography (OST) makes a cross section view of the retina. The result depends upon the stage of the case.

Its gene can be revealed too with genetic testing. As it was said earlier, it is inherited. But the results are not accurate and sometimes the sick is not identified via this test.

Development of disease

There are 5 stages:

  1. When eye movements and its position demonstrates abnormal electrical potential. The eyes are tested when in rest position and when they move in darkness and in light surrounding.
  2. Affects the patient when yellow spots appear, egg yolk formation
  3. Partial absorption of lesion accompanied with small effect on vision
  4. Break-up of egg yolk and deterioration of sight
  5. Severe loss of sight

The symptoms include gradual loss of central vision.

Stem Cell Therapy for Best disease treatment

How to regenerate damaged cells in the retina? Stem transportation technologies can be the best way to do it. Advances arrive rather fast.

It is worth saying that retina is not so friendly for transplantation and tries to thwart integration with recently injected cells. But specialists who work in UCTC managed to overcome the problem. They will prescribe necessary medications and will see to the results of the therapy. If you think about some solution concerning treatment of this condition or multiple sclerosis treatment then you should know that UCTC clinic is ready to accept you and help you with this problem.