Causes of ulcerative colitis

Causes of ulcerative colitis and why the condition appear

When ulcerative colitis (UC) appear, person may wonder what causes ulcerative colitis and what should be avoided to prevent the problem. When UC occur the colon is inflamed and with time the ulcers may appear on colon's lining. These painful sores can bleed therefore the patient may have stool with blood. Ulcers also produce mucus and pus, bringing to painful sensations.

Causes of ulcerative colitis may include different factors and experts often are not able to understand what causes of ulcerative colitis are. Combination of causes may include such things as genetics, influence of environment and strength of immune system.

What causes ulcerative colitis

Specialists are not quite sure what exactly causes ulcerative colitis. Though there is an opinion that genetics play big role in it and it can be referred to the causes of ulcerative colitis. The fifth part of all patients who are diagnosed with UC has a relative with the same diagnosis. It can be a proof of the fact that ulcerative colitis can be acquired genetically. It was also observed that the condition can be more developed in definite ethnic groups. In recent research the gene was discovered that is linked to UC. This gene according to the opinion of some people causes UC.

Environmental factor is also considered one of causes of ulcerative colitis. Many specialists think that smoke of cigarettes, hygiene, ecology of the place including air pollution affect the health of the person and provoke UC. If we look at the map of the disease we will see that it is widespread in the cities of North America and Western Europe.

Immune system also causes ulcerative colitis. Immune system protects our body and responds to bacterial infection and viruses, but there are cases when it continues doing it in spite of the fact that there is no infection more. This creates inflammation. But this opinion is not shared by all scientists. Others believe that infection doesn't trigger the process, consequently, it can't be the cause. They admit that this fact exists but it is autoimmune condition.

Speaking about the causes of ulcerative colitis, the risk factors should be regarded too. For instance, people are more vulnerable when they belong to certain age group. In this case it is from 15 to 30 years old. Intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications increases the risk of developing UC as well.

Ethnicity is also a risk factor that causes ulcerative colitis. Some peoples are more inclined to suffer from this disease.