Diabetic retinopathy treatment

Diabetic retinopathy is retinal vessels microangiopathy in diabetes, which is in the terminal stage leads to complete loss of vision. In varying degrees of severity observes in almost all patients with diabetes of any type. There are three stages of diabetic retinopathy: st. 1 - nonproliferative; st. 2 - preproliferative; st. 3 - proliferative. As a rule, notable clinical manifestations in the form of reduced visual acuity that makes patients with diabetes visit an ophthalmologist, occur in advanced cases at the terminal (proliferative) stage of the process. Exacerbate the diabetic retinopathy associated hypertension, atherosclerosis and nephropathy. Unfortunately, the third terminal stage of the process is characterized by the already irreversible changes in the eye analyzer, so it is important to make the diagnosis as early as possible and begin a comprehensive treatment to prevent further progression of the process up to the complete loss of vision.

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic provides a comprehensive treatment of diabetic degenerative changesof eye analyzer using a suspension based on fetal stem cells, which have the unique ability to differentiate into completely different in structure and function cells, providing the restoration of damaged areas of the retina, optic nerve and blood vessels. Our treatment also leads to the activation of self-empowerment to the regeneration of tissues of visual organ, which contributes to stable improvement of visual function. Comprehensive treatment based on the use of fetal stem cells, offered only in our clinic, is also able to stimulate the renewal of the smallest blood vessels - capillaries, restoring necessary blood circulation (trophism) of the optic nerve and the elements of the eyeball. Adequate microcirculation reduces atrophic changes, which also provides an improvement or at least stabilization of visual function.

In Unique Cell Treatment Clinic the duration of fetal stem cells treatment of diabetic retinopathy is 2 to 5 days depending on the severity of the disease.