Joint diseases

It is essential to have knowledge of basic anatomy of a joint and understand the way it works if you wish to fathom some disorders that affect  it. The majority of joint diseases are different kinds of arthritis. Different types of arthritis act in a different way in spite of the fact that the end result can be the same.

What is anarticulus?

Joint is a connection of two bones, which have cartilage on ends. This anatomy contributes to shock absorption.



In this case the organism does not recognize the tissues of its own. Therefore the body creates antibodies  in the joint. Rheumatoid arthritis is referred to autoimmune condition. In this connection the attack of its own body tissues begins. Cartilage loses its smoothness and gets rough surface because of that. Consequently, the functioning becomes different as well. In order to assist joint to heal bony spurs start growing. In the end the cartilage entirely wears down.


Inflammatory joint disease can appear as a result of bad diet, infection or injury. Autoimmune diseases can also become inflammatory ones. Any kind of articulus disease brings to redness, pain and swelling. When swelling is severe, fluid from the articulus can be removed. Gout can be an example this condition. It entails strong pain and swelling.  It can be an initial cause or secondary cause to the other disease, for instance, Crohn’s disease. The inflammatory joint cases are the ones that have exacerbation and remission.


This is the simplest type of articulus diseases that are caused by trauma or injury. When cartilage is not smooth any longer and the fluid is gone then it is hard for the person to move. The process is not necessarily associated with pain. In case the articulus is not able to heal on its own, motion problems will affect the cartilage and it will wear down.


The joint can be inflamed because of the infection in the organism of the patient . This type of arthritis is called septic arthritis. It is caused by transfer into the joint during trauma or by a pathogen in the blood. The infection can have damaging effect and the process can go rather quickly. It is disintegrating the articulus fast.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy is a breakthrough treatment for the patients who suffer from some kind of this  disease. UCTC is a recognized leader in providing options for treatment of incurable diseases, including joint  conditions. Quick repair of injuries that entail them will save much time for you.Revolutionary technology can safely manage regeneration procedures. The ability of stem cells to mature and differentiate assists in enhancement of the patients’ condition greatly. We will help to rebuild your body in case you have suffered from some trauma or infection and acquired joint disease. Apply to the experts of the clinic for more detailed information.