What is left sided ulcerative colitis

When inflammation appears in the colon and UC is diagnosed, that means that the body is ready to fight the infection. Depending upon the exact location of the inflammation doctors determine the type of disease, assess its severity and look for ulcerative colitis cures for your particular case. The disease affects the large intestine but it can affect its different areas. Basing on it different types of colitis are distinguished. The ulcers are formed on the inflamed part of the colon.

UC inflammation starts in the rectum ( in the majority of cases this is so) and ends at certain point in the colon. You will not be able to find healthy spots here and the whole area is affected. This is what classification of ulcerative colitis is grounded on.

It can be so that only rectum is involved in the disease. If this is so, this type of condition is called ulcerative proctits. The next type of ulcerative colitis is Proctosigmoiditis when in addition to rectum, the sigmoid colon is involved. Sigmoid colon is an area of colon that is attached to rectum.

It is easy to guess what is meant under left sided ulcerative colitis. The condition is named left sided ulcerative colitis when organs on the left side are affected beginning with rectum, passing through the sigmoid colon and reaching descending colon. When the affected area goes further and is not limited to the area that is affected during left sided ulcerative colitis, then the person is diagnosed with pancolitis. It means the whole colon is affected. However, the severity of disease does not depend upon the area affected. The symptoms can be either mild or moderate. The periods of flare-ups can be followed by remissions. In this way it does matter if you have life sided ulcerative colitis or only ulcerative proctits, it will not mean that the disease is more severe in this or that condition. However, it will affect the choice of ulcerative colitis cures.

Left side ulcerative colitis is one of the most common types of colitis. The symptoms of this condition include bleeding, diarrhea, loss of appetite and weight and strong pain on the left side of abdomen.

Medical ulcerative colitis cures

As it was mentioned already, the disease can affect different areas of colon. If rectum and left side of the colon is affected, there is possibility to apply topical medical preparations.

severity of condition may affect the choice of ulcerative colitis cures.

Medical ulcerative colitis cures include steroids, 5-ASA compounds, drugs that suppress immune system. As for 5-ASA compounds, these ulcerative colitis cures are very good when treatment of flare-ups is necessary. If maintenance therapy is necessary then the dose should be small.