Cell therapy for leukopenia

leukopenia treatment through stem cells

This is a low white blood cell count. When a person experiences decrease of white blood cells or leukocytes that are present in your blood he is more vulnerable to the disease.

It must be noted that the threshold for a low WBC can be different. It will depend upon many things and different cases should be regarded individually.

When the count does not reach the mark 3,500 leukocytes per microliter of blood this is low as the specialists consider. The figures differ depending upon age and sex.

Leucopenia is used interchangeably with neutropenia though neutropenia is just its subtype. Sometimes it arises because of increased utilization and destruction of leukocytes. The condition leucopenia can be hereditary or connected with developmental defects.


There are different causes that bring to leukopenia,

such as:

  • Infection (for instance, cold)
  • Chemotherapy
  • Aplastic anemia (when leukocytes and erythrocytes can’t be created)
  • Radiation therapy
  • Myelofibrosis

There can be other causes as well, when, for instance, the person had some durable treatment and took the medication that entailed this condition. It can appear as well with certain kinds of cancer, malaria, spleen enlargement, sepsis, folate deficiency and etc.

If you undergo long treatment course then the doctor should monitor your condition to see if serious complications appeared. Complete blood cell count or CBC is appointed regularly by the doctor. The blood is taken from the vein. When CBC is checked the doctor looks at the following parameters:

1) Red blood cells.

Erythrocyte serve as carriers of oxygen all over the organism. They also help person to get rid of waste. Hemoglobin shows the ability of erythrocyte to provide oxygen to the parts of the body. With low hemoglobin level the a man suffers from anemia as the tissues of the bodies are not supplied with sufficient oxygen. You can have shortage of breath and feel tired.

2) Platelets.

Platelets in the blood are needed for blood clotting.

3) White blood cells.

When there is not enough leukocytes you can’t suppress the infection that attacks your organism. What dangers are possible when you suffer from the leucopenia? First of all, the main danger is the infection. For this reason antimicrobial therapy is prescribed for all patients. The person can also suffer from bleeding, when he bleeds excessively. Anemia is one more negative consequence that can be caused by leukopenia.

Regenerative medicine for leukopenia

Improving the patient’s quality of life, therapy with stem cells can become a very good solution during leukopenia. With it the patient can get fast and guaranteed result.