Male and female sterility can be avoided with cell therapy

Male and female sterility treatment in uctcIf the person is not able to conceive, or contribute to conception, this is called male or female sterility. Sometimes it refers to women who can’t carry a pregnancy to the birth of the child.

There are different definitions of infertility. According to the definition if WHO the couple is infertile if they haven’t conceived after two years of systematic sexual intercourse with no contraceptive methods used.

In the USA the definition differs a little.

The couple is diagnosed with infertility if:

  • Woman is more that 35 years of age and can’t conceive during 6 months of sexual intercourse without contraception;
  • Woman is under 35 years of age and can’t conceive after a year of sexual intercourse without contraception.

Possible causes of male and female sterility

Biological causes can be different. It affects many couples, who are not able to have kids. Usually the therapy is prescribed, but the traditional methods are not able to provide the required result. Sometimes it takes years to conceive and not every couple has so much time. Safe and effective way of stem cell treatment solves this problem fast. It is able to provide the striking results.

Infertility is a serious problem of the society that should be solved to enhance the quality of life of every person and the society in a whole because this is a demographic problem as well. Bone marrow stem cells are able to treat sterility, when they are transplanted to the testis, in case the patient has a testicular failure.

Male infertility occurs sometimes because of failed proliferation and differentiation of the germ cells. The other possible cause is the improper functioning of the supporting ones. With assistance of the therapy offered by our clinic, nonfunctioning cells can be replaced with the new ones and the infertility will be removed. It is possible to replace the supporting or germ cells if they are the root of the problem. What will you need for that? Just apply to the UCTC, where the treatment will take a couple of days only.

Regenerative medicine can really help

The professionals of the clinic has big experience and give people the last ray of hope. Multiple transplantations showed huge potential of bone marrow stem cells, which are able to differentiate into the testes ones, which are responsible for sperm production. This is possible both for germ and supporting cells.

The studies in the clinic continue all the time and we supply our clients with the best effective treatment to get the relief. The problem of infertility, testosterone deficiency and other problems that cause sterility are successfully removed by highly professional specialists.