Major problems of multiple sclerosis curing

 Multiple sclerosis complications - UCTC can overcome them

multiple sclerosis main problemsThere much that scientists and public don't understand about multiple sclerosis treatment. For instance, the biggest part of physicians and scientists think that it is autoimmune disease and at the same time their views are divided on the question what exactly activates it. Chosen treatments vary from one doctor to another because treatment of multiple sclerosis is a hard task.

One of the main things that is important to remember is that the condition is not fatal. There is need to worry only if the therapy is inadequate, though there is no cure to treat it entirely. We can only control the symptoms of the disease, but they relapse from time to time and nothing can be done about it unless you try some alternative methods that can end the progression of the disease.

There is no doubt that the disease is initiated via mechanism, which is largely autoimmune. But it is not still clear why the body decides to attack itself? There are a lot of autoimmune disorders that differ depending upon the part of the organism that is subjected to this impact. In the situation with multiple sclerosis this is nervous system.

Nerve axons are covered with myelin sheath, the substance aimed at protection of nerve axons that preserves nervous function. When autoimmune attack takes place it damages myelin sheaths. Scar appear on them and it affects nerve function therefore conditions may look different. It is connected with damage of specific nerves, which can be different in each case. At the advanced stage of the disease the myelin sheaths are completely destroyed.

Problem of diagnosing multiple sclerosis

One of the problems, connected with the disease is a problem of diagnosing. This is degenerative disease therefore it is important to detect it as soon as possible. But it is not that easy to do therefore it reveals as a rule in unexpected attack. When that happens the nerve damage is serious already. Problems are accumulated as a snowball.

What is needed to diagnose MS

In order to determine what causes the problem different examinations can be appointed. When MS ailment is suspected then neurological examination is needed. It comprises:

  • MRI
  • Spinal tap
  • other diagnostic procedures.

Such things as blood tests are not able to reveal MS. It is possible to do it with neurological exam and patient interview.

Problem of multiple sclerosis treating

It is a complicated problem to treat patients with MS because there are no two medical cases alike. Even when they look similar, different patients respond to medications in different way and it changes the further course and progression of disorder. Health of the person and other additional factors influence the case of every particular person. Every case is individual and it brings much controversy among doctors who treat MS patients.

But cell therapy of UCTC can help every patient.