Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in UCTC

Problems with Parkinson’s disease diagnosis

Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in KievIn the age of high-tech discoveries it is even strange that Parkinson s disease diagnosis is problematic. It is just impossible to determine it clinically and the doctor needs physical examination and the story of symptoms to do it. There no evident proof to rely on such as Parkinson blood test, for instance, or Parkinson’s scan.

The problem with Parkinson’s can be of two types: when the patient is over-diagnosed, or on the contrary under-diagnosed. Both situations are bad for Parkinsons disease treatment. One of the most evident symptoms of the condition is tremor and problems of Parkinson s disease diagnosis revolves around it.

This is a little-known thing, but 30% of people who suffer from Parkinsons do not have tremor at all. Therefore if you base on it as a symptom you can fail in diagnosing it. There is the opposite situation too when Parkinson s disease diagnosis is determined on the basis of tremor only, but shaking of hands can occur for multiple reasons. Not only Parkinkson’s disease cause it. Doctors should not jump to the conclusion and examine the patient thoroughly. Neurologists often have to correct this mistake.

More than one million Americans hear Parkinson s disease diagnosis. There are 10 million people with Parkinson’s over the globe. Doctors set a Parkinson s disease diagnosis to 60,000 patients annually. For some reason men are diagnosed more frequently than women - 1.5 times more, in particular.

It can take several years in some cases to make a Parkinson s disease diagnosis. It is done on the basis of neurological testing and evaluation of the medical history of the person. As it was mentioned already there is no specific diagnostic tests to determine it.

What does doctor consider during medical examination?

The doctor is interested if there is stiffness in limbs, arm tremors and how fast the patient is able to regain balance. Brain scanning can be prescribed for the person.

It is also necessary to examine the person to see if there is some other condition, the symptoms of which resemble the symptoms of Parkinson’s. For instance, this may refer to a stroke. The condition develops slowly. Many years pass until the reason is found.

Good nutrition is important for patients with Parkinson s disease diagnosis. The diet should be healthy and well balanced to strengthen the immune system and provide energy to cope with symptoms that make the life harder. When right products are taken then medicines work more effectively. The guidance of physician can be of great help. Fresh whole foods are preferred: fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Limit sugar and salt, remove saturated fats from diet. Do not forget to drink fresh water every day.