Pick’s disease treatment using stem cells

What is Pick’s disease

Pick's disease treatment using stem cellsIt is also called as frontotemporal dementia (АЕВ). This is a clinical syndrome, during which definite areas of brain are affected. In particular, its frontal and anterior lobes shrink. This form of dementia resembles Alzheimer’s disease, but there is difference on the area it affects.

Who is affected

Abnormal amount of protein (tau) can bring to lobar sclerosis in a men. It causes damage in the brain. This is for the most part inherited condition. It occurs seldom. People in 20-s start suffering from it, but the biggest frequency falls to the age group from 40 to 60. In this way the average age of a patient is 54.

The development of the condition

Slow development, problems with speech and thinking get deteriorated with time. Symptoms include changes in behavior as well.

The character of changes as a rule help to distinguish the basic symptoms of Alzheimer from the frontotemporal dementia. The behavior, actually, becomes one of the most alarming symptoms. When person is diagnosed with it he has problems with taking decisions, complicated tasks, speech when he tries to find proper words for oral and written speech.

There are the following symptoms:

  • Changes in behavior
  • Patients become unemployed
  • Neurotic behavior
  • Unfitting behavior
  • Unable to act in social situations of different type
  • Hygiene problems
  • Stop interacting with other members of society

Treatment in Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

In fact there is no cure for the sick with Pick’s disease. It is necessary to control unacceptable behavior of the sick person. When such symptoms as aggressiveness, agitation are noticed then it is necessary to prescribe the medication to the patients. When the behavior is dangerous it should be strictly regulated. Anti-depressants may be needed for enhancement of symptoms. No matter what measures are taken the prognosis is not that positive in the end. Steady and slow progression of the frontotemporal dementia can provide from 2 to 10 years. The patients may require assistance round-the-clock in the conditions of his home.

Stem cell therapy for patients with Pick’s disease

In this condition, swollen neurons that are also called Pick cells alongside with argenotrophilic neuronal inclusions, called Pick bodies, are able to affect frontal and temporal cortical regions. The treatment is necessary, but traditional approach does not promise much. Neural stem cell therapy developed a huge potential nowadays and people with this syndrome can find medical assistance in the clinic. There is no need to do risky operations for therapy. Patients get injection and neural stem cells migrate to degenerated tissues.

Such procedure as treatment of Parkinson's Disease, Pick's disease  and Multiple Sclerosis in UCTC clinic takes little time and the person stays in the hospital for 2 days only.