Special Cooperation Offer

Special Cooperation Offer for Medical Professionals

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to offer you mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of stem cell therapy. Our achievements in combination with your practical experience will bring success in treatment and follow-up of patients with different diseases and conditions. For many of these patients, treatment at our clinic is the last hope for recovery or maintenance therapy.
We are interested in cooperation with different medical professionals, especially with:

  1. General Practitioners;
  2. Family Doctors;
  3. Neurologists;
  4. Endocrinologists;
  5. Oncologists;
  6. Gastroenterologists;
  7. Ophthalmologists;
  8. Rheumatologists.

We kindly ask you to submit additional information about your specialty, experience and place of work, scientific publications etc. (CV is preferable). Are you familiar with stem cell therapy methods? Information we ask you to submit is very important for working out recommendations for you regarding the diseases in which stem cell treatment is effective.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for further details at infocenter@cell-treatment.com. Your questions are very welcome.