Treatment for diabetes type 1 patients

Treatment for type 1 diabetes presupposes a commitment to take insulin in the course of the whole life. Besides it is vital to consume good foods, have physical activity and monitor blood sugar. These regulations are basic ones for treatment of diabetes type 1.

Keeping the blood sugar level normal you can avoid complications that can arise therefore treatment for diabetes type 1 is so important. The aim of treatment for diabetes type i is to provide the following parameters: 80-120 mg/dL – blood sugar level during the day and 100-140 mg/dL – at night.

So many efforts are needed to continue the treatment for diabetes type 1. You should always manage it. Don't forget that this is a problem of many people as they try to find the best treatment for diabetes type 1. The traditional intake of insulin or some other medications can control your condition. The course of treatment of diabetes type 1 is thoroughly considered together with registered dieticians, diabetes educators.

Medications and instruments to deliver treatment for type 1 diabetes

Insulin therapy as treatment of diabetes type 1 is essential. It lets save lives of patients with diabetes. There can be different alternatives here as there are different types of insulin: rapid-acting, long-taking and in-between types. What treatment for diabetes type i is necessary for you? It depends upon your state of health. Let us look at examples medical preparations that are offered for treatments for type 1 diabetes.

They include:

  • regular insulin
  • insulin isophane
  • insulin lispro
  • insulin aspart
  • insulin glargine
  • insulin detemir

Depending on the result achieved by treatments for type 1 diabetes, your doctor will probably recommend a combination of insulin types for round-the-clock use.

An inhaled insulin was also manufactured in the past, but it was not used so much therefore the manufacturer refused from this product for treatments. Some researchers spoke about its connection with lung cancers that increased in number among smokers, but in fact there is no some evident connection.

When injection options are regarded, insulin can be introduced ether with injection and by means of insulin pump infusion. It Is impossible to take insulin by mouth in order to deliver treatments for type i diabetes. You will not be able to decrease blood sugar as stomach enzymes do not let insulin work.

When insulin injections are made during the treatment of diabetes, syringes and fine needles should be employed. There is also such device as insulin pen. It resembles pen and is actually a device for injection of insulin with cartridge.

You can also use insulin pump for treatment of diabetes type 1— a device sized as a cell worn on the outside of your body. Then pod with insulin is worn on the body. The device features small catheter inserted under skin of your back, arm, leg or abdomen. The opportunity to program the wireless device connected to the pod makes its use very convenient for patients, seeking treatment of diabetes type 1, though nothing can be compared to cell therapy practiced in UCTC.