Treatment of diabetes mellitus: historical survey

This was in 1914 when scientists understood what is the clue to the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Undernutrition simplified their understanding of diabetes. Treatment had included such elementary principles as diet right at this time. Researcher began to compare the conditions of different patients, suffering from this condition. Some of them were fasting during treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2, and their condition was considerably better in comparison with those who were not. On the basis of multiple analyses doctors introduced the methods of dietary control and it became the essential part of treatment for type 2 diabetes mellitus. The investigation of clinical cases continued and the outcome revealed evident dependence of nutrition and patients with diabetes mellitus type 2. Treatment for them became more effective and fewer number of deaths after this approach was introduced was just an additional proof of this fact. This is an interesting fact that lets us ponder over the problem. The condition is 20 times more widespread among overweight people and less common among thin patients. This is a good warning to all those who like to abuse hearty meals.

It is worth saying as well that other diseases can be more frequent during the diabetes therefore there is some connection between this condition and others. According to the statics, diabetics, who died, had diseases of cardio-renal origin. Others died of pneumonia, meningitis, intestinal obstruction and etc. That means that people who need treatments for diabetes mellitus are more vulnerable to undesirable conditions.

This is short description of the situation in treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus as it was in the beginning of the last century. The main utensils employed at that time in treatment were conservatism and undernutrition. It reduced the number of deaths but did not provide guarantee for effective treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Problems in diabetes mellitus type 2 treatment

Needless diabetes deaths can be prevented easily nowadays, but people have to depend upon medical assistance all the time and take treatment of diabetes mellitus on a constant basis. Break of diabetic rules (intake of insulin, high diet) during diabetes mellitus type 2 treatment can bring to lethal outcome. To avoid such occurrences doctors should be closer to their patients and follow their medical life in the course of treatments for diabetes mellitus. This can be hard for many to be supervised so often, but, unfortunately, no other traditional method of treatment of diabetes mellitus has yet achieved such a stage of flawlessness that it let the person with diabetes live without keeping in contact with health care professional. Insulin rescues life to many of them but correct dose should be determined. Close adherence to the diet contributes to the enhancement of condition.

New approaches to treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus

With abundance of remedies we have nowadays treatment of diabetes mellitus is easier. All is done to make it more effortless for patients. Besides, we are on the verge of amazing discoveries that will allow us remove this condition altogether. One of such promising methods is steml cell therapy.

Cell therapyis practiced in many countries now. In Ukraine unique stem cell diabetes therapy is performed in UCTC clinic. It provides extraordinary results and gives second life to many people who bear the burden of disease.