The danger of ulcerative colitis cancer

Ulcerative colitis (UC) and cancer – is there some connection between these two diagnoses? Ulcerative colitis and cancer are sometimes interconnected because one condition can be developed on the basis of the other. Patients who suffer from severe UC have bigger risk to develop ulcerative colitis colon cancer. Being at risk of ulcerative colitis cancer you should do everything possible to avoid its possible development.

With severe ulcerative colitis colon cancer increases

Among all people with sever UC, colon cancer is developed in 5%. If you have severe colitis then you should take measures to reduce risk of colon cancer. Ulcerative colitis can be controlled. With right approach you will be able to protect yourself from ulcerative colitis cancer!

Patients with UC have inflamed colon. There is no definite information about the way it begins, but there is an opinion that people with UC may have troubles with immune system, which plays big role in the development of cancer. When the disease is chronic it may have a genetic cause. Almost 20% of patients with colorectal cancer have somebody in the family who also has this disease.

The number of US citizens who are diagnosed with UC is 500,000. Every year more than 100,000 patients are diagnosed with cancer.

What factors raise the odds of ulcerative colitis cancer development?

The bigger the damage – the bigger the odds of cancer development. If you do not treat ulcerative colitis, colon cancer is more likely to develop.

Much depends upon the degree of affected area. The bigger it is – the more vulnerable you are. When entire colon is affected the risk of ulcerative colitis cancer is 32 times bigger.

Treatment of ulcerative colitis and cancer prevention measures should be regular, especially if you suffer from the disease for a long time (from 8 to 10 years). One should have checks for UC cancer from now and then. The doctor can order:

  • Fetal occult blood test – test to determine the presence of blood in the stool
  • Colonoscopy – this is a common test for patients with severe UC. Colon cancer is checked for with thin tube that has a camera on its end. This is a visual examination for signs of cancer, and biopsy is taken.
  • Sigmoidoscopy – examination of the lower part of colon.

If person suffers from ulcerative colitis, colon cancer check is a must!

How to reduce the risk of colon cancer

The intensity of symptoms is very important. You should follow them and care about the possibility to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Ulcerative colitis guidelines for patients are the following:

  • Visit doctor on a regular basis if you want to avoid colon cancer. Ulcerative colitis condition should be constantly supervised.
  • Have cancer screening
  • Eat healthy foods and diet rich in anti-oxidant in order to avoid cancer.
  • Movement and exercises expel waste from body and the odds of risk are lower.