Role of diet in multiple sclerosis treatment

 Which diet can help for multiple sclerosis curing

Multiple sclerosis dietMultiple sclerosis is a condition, when immune mechanism of the patient’s body does not perceive its own body as its own and tries to destroy the central nervous system. For this reason myelin sheaths suffer first of all. They serve to protect your nerve axons. The changes are gradual, but they cause serious nerve problems and pose threat to wellbeing of the patient. The remedy has not been found yet in traditional medicine, therefore the symptoms are healed. When the progression is quick, then medical procedures should be initiated without delay.

When adequate measures are taken the affected individuals can enjoy life fully. The threat is, certainly, not removed, and it will relapse again.

In general, multiple sclerosis treatment applies drugs that cure muscle spasms, discomfort, symptoms of depression and etc. It is also important to reduce to minimum the work of immune mechanism that is ruining for the body of MS patient. Therefore immunomodulators make the important part of the treatment.

Possible causes of Multiple sclerosis

The medical science nowadays has more profound knowledge about interaction of body and nutrition therefore more doctors ask patients to stick to particular diet that can produce favorable effect on health of the person and influence multiple sclerosis curing.

In spite of the fact that we still do not know what causes multiple sclerosis, researchers and health care providers consider that diet can also play its role! What makes them believe in it? When research was conducted, it was noticed that there are not so many cases of MS in Africa, but the rate is especially low in equatorial Africa. The difference is just striking if we compare the figures with US and European countries. The specialists believe that this is so because of food – the content of gluten in it, in particular. Experts suppose that the body reacts to this plant protein and somehow initiate cycle reaction that brings to multiple sclerosis. People from European countries and US use gluten-rich wheat almost always. This can be a problem therefore Paleolithic diet was offered for MS patients. It is gluten-free.

Vitamins and cell therapy for multiple sclerosis

 Among other things that make these regions vary is a climate and exposure to sunlight. There is much sunlight in Africa, while people in northern countries may suffer from its lack. Therefore studies focused on vitamin D3 supplementation, which is possibly connected with MS. Doctors advise to take vitamin D as a part of treatment of multiple sclerosis .

As you understand diet is not a panacea but it can be of great help when different methods are used as a whole. 

Specialists of Unique Cell Treatment Clinic use cell therapy for treating multiple sclerosis.