What you need to know about multiple sclerosis

What is multiple sclerosis - we can consult you

What is multiple sclerosisMultiple sclerosis is an unpredictable disease that causes discomfort to the patient and ruins his neurological system. MS disrupts connection between brain areas. In this autoimmune disease immune cells attack the myelin sheath which is needed for neurons stimulation. Multiple sclerosis can become a debilitating disease because the messages are sent slowly with damaged myelin sheath. The work of central nervous system becomes less effective.

Almost 400,000 people from USA suffer from multiple sclerosis. The progression of disease is different in every case therefore it is called unpredictable.

Multiple sclerosis commonly is a disorder that affects the transmission of nerve impulses in the nerves. The disease is revealed at the age of 18-45 for the first time. It considerably affects the quality of life.

Multiple sclerosis symptoms

The symptoms include the following ones:

  • Numbness in the body, limbs
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of vision and etc.

What is interesting about it, the symptoms appear miraculously and then go away as if nothing happened. Sometimes the symptoms reveal suddenly and can be devastating. And it's important to understand what is multiple sclerosis. It is impossible to predict them and it, certainly, causes problems for multiple sclerosis treatment.

In the most complicated cases of multiple sclerosis patients are unable to do simple things such as walking, speaking and writing. In this way it is impossible to contact the person or communicate with him somehow. The danger is that the process can damage nerves and the condition will be not reversible. But frequently patients with MS successfully pass through multiple sclerosis treatment and live normal life. When MS patients die it happens for the reasons that usually occur among common people too (because of heart disease, cancer and etc.).

Effects of multiple sclerosis 

People who suffer from this disease are mainly people from temperature climates. For some reason white women are affected more often than all the rest. The disease can manifest itself in a number of ways and can progress fast to absolute disability in some cases. Usually people are able to walk and continue working at their job for many years after they are diagnosed with MS. There can be years of remission between relapses occur. Some of them experience mild symptoms: just lessened sensation and deteriorated vision. There is no weakness or some serious incoordination at the initial stage therefore people may take it is as a mild ailment.

But even when they apply to the doctor, who will afterwards determine the cause and diagnose the disease multiple sclerosis curing can be problematic. It is impossible to turnaround the nerve damage that was discovered and eliminate it completely therefore multiple sclerosis treatment is aimed substantially at relief of symptoms and prevention of more severe complications caused by the disease. Also patient need special diet for improving condition.

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